Tips to find out if your Google account is hacked

Gmail is among the world’s most widely-used email accounts. It is the default email account of Android smartphone users and for most contains crucial information including financial and personal details.

Despite Google offering tons of privacy, safety and security features, it is not 100% foolproof from hacking attacks. There have been cases of Google accounts/Gmail getting hacked and the account details getting leaked during a data breach.

Also, there are cases where we know our accounts have been hacked while in some cases it may not be that clear and we need to look at signs that tell us that our Google account has been hacked.

Wonder what to do if you suspect or are certain that your account has been hacked? Google has some specific guidelines to help you know if your account has been hacked as well as get control of it in case it has been hacked. Here are the things you can and should do:

Start with basics: Passwords, recover email ID and phone number

The first thing and probably the most common thing hackers do is change account info such as password, recovery phone number, etc.
In this case, head to the account recovery page and answer as many questions as you can. To this try to use a familiar device you’ve frequently used to access your Google Account. You can also use the same web browser and also try to do all of this from the same location you usually access your Google Account.

Also, be accurate with passwords where it asks you to enter your last password you remember. If you don’t remember your last password, then enter the last to last password you remember…Read more>>