This awesome WhatsApp secrecy feature is only for iPhones! Dismay for Android users


WhatsApp for iPhones has a special secrecy feature that allows users to blur parts of images directly through WhatsApp itself! Dubbed as the WhatsApp blur tool, the feature has been provided to iPhone users, but not to Android users. iPhone users can blur a part of the image or hide some sensitive info on a document, or conceal a part of a photo. Considering that privacy is important and almost everyone shares private photos, this feature will come in quite handy.

While currently, there is nothing that Android users can do except turn green with envy watching their iPhone toting friends show this feature off, there is still some hope left. As reported by WABetaInfo, the Meta owned instant messaging app is working to bring this useful feature to Android phones as well.

The website regularly keeps a track of the WhatsApp development. They have shared a screengrab of the feature in the new WhatsApp beta version They wrote, “the blur tool will be added when WhatsApp releases the redesign for the drawing editor and it can be used to remove sensible details of the image, for example, a phone number.” The new drawing editor will also include two new pencils in addition to the blur tool. Check out how to use WhatsApp blur tool on iPhones to hide private data.

How to use WhatsApp blur tool on iPhone

Step 1:
First, open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on any chat to whom you want to send any media.

Step 2:
Next, tap on the attachment icon to add a photo/document from the gallery – similarly the way you do when you’re sending it.

Step 3:
Once selected, you will see the photo editor.

Step 4:
Now tap the pen icon in the top right corner, and drag the slider down until you hit a mosaic pattern.

Step 5:
The mosaic pattern must appear around the pen in the top-right corner.

Step 6:
Now blur or pixellate any part of the image that you don’t want to show by dragging your finger over it.

Step 7:

You can even slide down the scale to access a black-and-white feature that will completely drain the colour from areas of the photo.