Google Chrome’s New ‘Privacy Guide’ Explains Security Settings


Google is soon introducing its new feature in the Google Chrome browser named ‘Privacy Guide,’ which will explain the importance and benefits of all settings. This setting will take a couple of weeks to get released, but it’s valuable.

Google has started taking Privacy more seriously across its products and services in some past years. Now, the company also wants users to understand the preferences of security settings.

Privacy Guide will allow you to understand the data you are sharing in exchange for a better browsing experience. Nearly five months later, Privacy Guide is finally going official for desktop Chrome users.

Privacy Guide aims to define what impact certain Chrome features will have on your Privacy, making users aware of Privacy and security in simplified language.

Google said in an announcement, “when you navigate through Privacy Guide, you’ll learn about the benefits, trade-offs, and privacy implications of each setting — so you can easily understand what happens when a particular one is on or off. … Read More

Source By : techviral